Woman's body found in barrel

February 06, 2017

There is a sense of disbelief in the quiet community of Ramble in St Thomas after two children stumbled upon the body of a woman stuffed in a barrel beneath a bridge in the community yesterday.

A resident from the community, Nickiesha Weakley, told THE STAR that she was on her way from church when she heard the shocking news.

"Somebody told me about it when mi a come from church. Mi feel fear of course because we haffi tek taxi and sum'n," she said.

Forty-year-old taxi operator John Reid said the incident is the first of its kind to happen in the community.

"Nothing like this ever happened in Ramble, so people really shock," he said.

The St Thomas police told THE STAR that the body was found with its hands bound and stuffed head down in the barrel.

At press time, the police were not able to identify the body.

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