Loved ones, co-workers remember jovial Nile Brown

February 07, 2017
Nile Brown
An emotional Sybil Gayle-Peart tries to fight back tears while talking about her daughter-in-law Nile Brown.
General manager of Burger King Cross Roads Valda Ormsby (left) informs a customer yesterday of the branch's closure due to the death of employee Nile Brown.

Yesterday, when there was a 'wear black' campaign to protest the spate of attacks against women and children in Jamaica, close friends and neighbours of 21-year-old Nile Brown expressed sadness and grief about the manner in which she died.

Brown was found with hands bound, and stuffed face down in a barrel in Ramble, St Thomas, on Sunday.

Yesterday, THE STAR visited the Fletcher's Land community where she once lived.

Sybil Gayle-Peart said although her son and Brown were no longer an item, Brown would still communicate with her.

Valda Ormsby general manager for the Burger King branch where Brown was employed, said Brown was last seen early Friday morning after she was taken home by the staff bus.

"They took her as close as possible to the home in Denham Town and that is the last we heard from her," said Ormbsy. Brown was described as a jovial person.

Grief counselling, was sought for her colleagues who took news of her death very hard.

THE STAR was told that Brown lost both parents at a tender age, but managed to grow up like a normal child. She attended Oberlin High where she completed her high-school diploma.

After hearing Brown was found dead, Gayle-Peart pleaded with young girls to heed advice from adults.

"Young girls just listen to when an adult talk to you; just listen. If you see anything that you don't feel comfortable about, you talk and when they encourage you to do action with it, just do it," she pleaded.

According to Gayle-Peart, the continued harm to women makes her uncomfortable.

"If I am walking on the road and a man say something to me, it nah go pretty. If you even a say something nice, must mi husband alone a go seh something to mi nice and mi tek it with grace. Mi nuh think mi want walk a road and nobody seh anything to me," she said.

Gayle-Peart said Brown moved to Denham Town late last year.




She told THE STAR that she went to the Denham Town police and filed the missing person report after learning that Brown did not show up for work Saturday and did not contact her employers.

Gayle-Peart and her family subsequently went to Brown's room and were forced to kick off her lock to gain entry.

"She said she didn't trust a certain guy there. Her room was tidy but her two pillows and teddy bear were missing. Normally, she would spread her bed with her sheet and pillows. A barrel that is usually at the yard which she used to catch water was missing," Gayle-Peart said.

She said, however, that she was not certain if there was any connection with the barrel Brown was found in.

Gayle-Peart said Brown talked about missing personal items, including a ring her son bought her.

THE STAR was told that Brown was then encouraged to take clothing and personal belongings and come back to stay with Gayle-Peart and her family.

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