'Watch what you post' - police caution against circulating photos of alleged killers

February 07, 2017

The contempt that many Jamaicans feel about the recent upsurge in the killing of women and children has been documented on social media, with users posting pictures of men they claim are the culprits behind the killings.

But head of the Constabulary Communications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, thinks this could get in the way of police investigations.

"When they keep sharing it on social media, it can compromise the case. So even if the police arrest an individual, it may prevent us convicting some of these individuals," Lindsay told THE STAR.

She said that while the police applaud persons for trying to assist in bringing the culprits to justice, merely putting information on social media is not enough.

"What we prefer is if they have information that could assist the police in their investigations. Then we ask that they make a report to the police," Lindsay said.

Lindsay noted that many of the offences are of a sexual nature, so persons could call the Centre For Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) or visit the CISOCA offices across the island.

Meanwhile, psychologist Dr Leahcim Semaj believes persons whose pictures are being circulated on social media could be negatively affected.

"This will not only affect their chance of employment, but it could put their lives at risk because we have retaliation killing, which is a very prominent thing in Jamaica," Semaj said. "It's a court that decides if a man is guilty. We are bypassing all of that now in this era of social media and having trial by social media."

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