Woman pleads for land from Government - set to be evicted soon

February 09, 2017
Keturah Johnson stands in the tiny room she has to share with three of her children.
A distraught Keturah Johnson is fearful that she is being forced to move before March 30, but has nowhere to go.

A woman who lost all her earthly possessions in a fire in 2012 is calling on the Government for help as she is facing eviction from a property she captured.

Keturah Johnson, 54, told THE STAR that she was served an eviction notice that requires her to leave the tiny room that she and three of her children now call home, before March 30.

"A lady over there [an adjoining house] get this property by adverse possession and we were told to leave," Johnson explained. "Even though we tried to pay the tax, the lady over there says that she naah mek we get the property before her because she was living here before us."

Adverse possession allows a person in possession of land owned by someone else to acquire a valid title to it if the adverse possessor is in possession for a sufficient period of time.

Johnson, who currently resides in the Fletcher's Land community in western Kingston, said that even though the house that was razed by fire in 2012 was not hers, the loss she took has set her back tremendously.

The street vendor said that she reached out to the Member of Parliament Desmond McKenzie, and a piece of land was identified for her.

"They identified somewhere by Golden Heights in Denham Town, but I don't want to live at that community," Johnson said. "Having my children and with shot a firing, I don't want that."

She said that her hope now is for the Government to grant a piece of land so she and her kids can finally have somewhere for themselves.

"Mr McKenzie did say to me that I must look around and if I see any property then I can come back, but all the properties that we see are owned by people and they are not for sale," Johnson said.

She said: "As you can see in here is really small, and mi have three kids in here and it not comfortable."

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