Pig farm up for sale following death threats

February 10, 2017
Craig Blake
A section of Craig Blake's farm.
Some of the remaining pigs on Craig Blake's farm.

Pig farmer Craig Blake, whose story was published in THE WEEKEND STAR last week, said he has received death threats since he spoke about the theft of his livestock from a farm in St Catherine.

In the story titled 'Cops under probe for stealing 96 pigs', Blake said he witnessed men with long guns trespassing on his farm and removing his pigs a few weeks ago.

The value of the stolen pigs has been placed at approximately $1.2 million. Since the robbery, Blake has put all his remaining pigs on the market.

"A bare threat coming to me bout how dem a go kill me and my life in danger. They have pushed me to the limit and I just need my story to be heard," Blake told THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday.




The farmer alleged that rouge cops were involved in the theft. The matter is currently being investigated by both the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) and the Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM).

Blake told our news team that he returned from England to set up the pig farm and since he began operation, a series of events lead to the 96 pigs being stolen last weekend.

"I can't tek the stress nuh more, so I am just selling out. I got over 250 small pigs and I have over 100 big hogs and I am just selling out everything. Dem say mi call police name, so mi can't stay here. I am getting some good information. I have my contacts that communicate things to me," Blake told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Blake's farm is located in Bushy Park, Old Harbour and he feels that because of its remoteness, he is vulnerable to attacks.

"I can't stay on the farm as much as I want to because its bare bush and they can come on the farm and kill me anytime. Right now, it come in like I am in hiding," Blake said.

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