Psychologist blasts outrageous videos

February 10, 2017
Leahcim Semaj


Renowned psychologist Dr Leahcim Semaj believes that the flurry of videos that have surfaced on social media could just be an attempt to get 'likes'.

One of the videos shows a man eating an uncooked chicken leg, and saying that he needs "more blood than a vampire and he is coming for dem heart and liver".

Semaj, who bristled at the content of the video, said that access to social media has transformed untrained individuals into broadcasters and this is a problem.

"The thing about social media is that everyone is now a broadcaster, and they don't know what is inappropriate," Semaj said. "It seems the more outrageous you are, the more unique you are, the more attention you get."


Recent upsurge


He added: "Seeing something on video, you don't know how much he actually consumed. It could be that he just chewed it up and spit it out."

In the other videos, men threaten culprits behind the recent upsurge in killings which involves women and children.

Head of the police's Constabulary Communications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, warned persons not to take things into their hands and encouraged them to report persons who they believe are responsible for the crimes.

"If they have information about these individuals - information that can assist the police in arresting them - then they can give us tips to lead us to these individuals," Lindsay said.

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