Charlemont High advance ahead of Central High

February 15, 2017
Members of the Charlemont High School team.
Members of the Central High School team (from left) : Nathaneil Kerr, Kedan Bailey, Joel Fagan and Darrel Wright 9captain).

The second match in round two of the Schools Challenge Quiz (SCQ) competition was another exciting encounter between the St Catherine-based Charlemont High School and Clarendon's Central High School.

Both teams seemed set to the task to deliver at the onset, however, there could only be one winner.

The number 17 seed Charlemont won the contest, pulling away from their number 16 seed competitors, Central High, in the final round.

Charlemont completed the opening challenge on 10 points to Central High's seven points.

In the speed challenge, Charlemont added another 22 points, while Central High added 17 points to their tally.

Following the exciting buzzer section in which points were added and subtracted for both teams, the match ended 36 to 18.

Charlemont has now advanced to the third round of competition, a step closer to the ultimate prize.

"I'm very elated that we are advancing to round three because of the hard work that we have put in throughout the season. I think we have a very good chance of going to the finals, and taking the entire competition this year. We are putting in the necessary work to achieve that goal," Shomari Hutchinson, Charlemont's team captain, told THE STAR.

Javiah Johnson, Kymani Francis and Akeim Dunkley complete the Charlemont squad.

The members of Central High are Nathaniel Kerr, Kedan Bailey, Joel Fagan and Darrel Wright.

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