Residents demand payment for de-bushing work

February 16, 2017
Dennis Meadows

Several residents in Granville, Trelawny, have grown impatient, and are calling for immediate action to be taken after they laboured on the now controversial de-bushing project last year and are yet to receive payment.

The contractor general launched a probe into the islandwide $600 million project in November last year, after the People's National Party claimed that the programme was being used by the Holness administration to 'buy' support ahead of the local government elections.

To date, the matter has not been resolved.

One resident of the more than 20 workers, Joan Brown*, told THE STAR that many persons have grown weary from waiting for the money and have given up hope of being paid.

"They nominated me to talk because some of them are afraid, but I'm not afraid to talk. Me want my money," Brown demanded.

"I have three children with no father, and I have to do all sort of work to get them to school because me believe education is key. For me to work and don't get pay, how you expect my children to survive?," she said.

Brown said she and some other residents in Granville worked on the de-bushing project between November 7 to 12 last year, and were promised payment by the third day of work. Men $3,000 per day, and women $2,000 per day. However, no one has received payment to date.

North Trelawny's caretaker, Dennis Meadows explained that he is monitoring the situation closely, but he has no control over the pace of the contractor general.

"As soon as the monies are made available, those persons will be paid," he said.

*Name changed

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