Tattoo regrets - when the love ends, but the ink stays

February 16, 2017
Heart tattoos are a feature of the Valentine's period.
A woman gets some ink at a party.

Couples often search for the most profound ways to express their love, especially around February 14.

One of those ways is getting their partner's name permanently engraved in their skin.

However, that doesn't always end well, as some professional tattoo artists told THE STAR of the drama that can unfold.

Wahwah, who operates in Ocho Rios, said lovers should think long and hard before making such a decision.

But he added that it's not his place to turn away customers.

"One time, one a me bredrin put me in a sticky situation," he recalled. "Him make three different girls come get him name tattooed on their [breast] within a short period. Me couldn't say anything to them because that a personal business."

Wahwah said he has seen his fair share of instances where inking a lover's name went horribly wrong.

"Me did surprised when one time a girl and a guy come to get each other's names tattooed, because me know the girl wasn't faithful to him. A fi them personal business that, so me just do my job. A week later, him come a bawl to me, say me must cover the name because the girl no good," Wahwah shared.

Another artist, Spade, said he didn't see an increase in the number of couples getting matching tattoos leading to Valentine's Day. But he said he often does 'corrective work'.

"All di time, people will come and put on tattoo, and dem lef' or have problems. Mi haffi cover it up. All di while," he said.

He recalled finishing a cover-up just last Thursday.

"Mi cover up a key wid a name. It was a girl. She come in and cover up her boyfriend's name. She had a key an' him have di heart. Mi nuh know why dem do it da way deh."

Montego Bay-based tattoo artiste Rayon 'Ink Lord' Coley told THE STAR that since the start of the year, leading up to Valentine's Day, about five females ordered the service, and he did about 20 lovers' tattoos in 2016.

But of that number, he said nearly half of them came back asking him for cover-ups when things go sour.

"Last year, two girls come to put on the same guy's name. One come earlier and then the other one came couple hours after, requesting the same name. I know it's the same guy through the conversations we had, but I was just doing my work," he shared.

Another time, one heavily tattooed female used his services to put four lovers' names on her body.

"She love tattoos, so she tattoo her man name then cover it up when them split," Coley said.

Coley advised that persons should wait until they are certain about their relationship before getting inked in their partner's names.

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