Inmate's ear bitten off in jail

February 17, 2017

Errol Morris, the man who is charged with the murder of his common-law wife, had his troubles multiplied after he allegedly bit off the ear of an inmate at the Spanish Town lock-up recently.

When Morris appeared in court yesterday on the additional charge of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, he pleaded not guilty.

During his appearance, Clerk of Court Nicole Kellier told the judge that she was informed by the police that Morris was very disruptive at the lock-up, and that a transfer to another facility was in order.


Three men


However, Morris disagreed. He told the court that he had been set up and that he needs to stay in Spanish Town.

"I didn't have a scratch on me when I went there (the cell), but dem beat me up and all tear up mi shoes. This happened because dem put three men inside a cell. I would feel better if I am in Spanish Town than Horizon [Adult Remand Centre], Your Honour," Morris said.

However, the judge was not moved, and Morris' transfer to Horizon was recommended.

On December 7, Morris allegedly used a machete to chop Hermalyn Bell to death at her house at Duxes district in Point Hill, St Catherine.

He is to reappear in court on March 14 on both charges.

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