SCQ: Munro overtakes Knox, advances to third round

February 17, 2017
Munro College quiz team (from left): Carlton Collins, Delano Mullings, Kirkland Webb and Jamie Lee Vernon (captain).

Munro College and Knox College starred in the fourth match in Round Two of Schools' Challenge Quiz last night, but it was the St Elizabeth-based Munro that advanced.

The final scores were 42 to 30, in favour of the number eight seed. This could be seen as a misrepresentation of the thrilling matchup that it was up until the buzzer section.

The teams headed into the buzzer section with only two points separating them, with Knox leading 30 to 28.

But Munro overtook that lead, pulled away, and never looked back.

Team captain Jamie Lee Vernon told THE STAR, "This victory was well worked for, and it was also a point of enlightenment for us."

The last time Munro College won the quiz was 2003, and according to Vernon, it would be special for the institution and parish if they did so again.

"We plan to capture the crown, and it would represent everything if we were to win the title this year," Vernon said.

Carlton Collins, Delano Mullings and Kirkland Webb are the other members of Munro's team.




Clarendon-based Knox, the number-25 seed, told THE STAR that in defeat, they were taught a valuable lesson.

Team captain Tajaun Gibbison said, "We all know that in life everything is a learning process, you win some and you learn from some. There is never really anything lost. Everything that you lose shows the mistakes that you made and how to come back from them."

The other members of the Knox team are Ayodeji Adeoipe, Annakay Smikle and Michel Douglas.

Gibbison told THE STAR that his team's performance on the day was below par.

"Honestly, we played below expectations today, but it was better than the last match in terms of our buzzer, so hopefully, we keep working on the buzzer because that's our main problem. Next year, we should be very ready to win."

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