Students in Westmoreland learn conflict resolution

February 17, 2017
Marvett Sterling, regional psychologist with the Child Development Agency (CDA) had the attention of the students of Peggy Barry Primary School in Grange Hill in Westmoreland.

Beaches Negril partnered with the Child Development Agency (CDA) to support the Grange Hill community, which has been plagued by acts of violence in recent times.

The organisations held talks with students of the Peggy Barry Primary School on the issue of conflict resolution.

Under the theme, Youths Against a Violent Society, the day started with the representatives from the CDA having a discussion on ways in which children can deal with conflicts.

Regional psychologist (associate), Marvett Sterling, emphasised that children should report all issues of violence to which they are exposed, even if it seems trivial.

She believes that violence is a vicious cycle that can be changed by the youngsters.




"We are depending on these children to change the violent culture of our society, so the school is a very good place to start. We know it will not be embedded in their consciousness after just one session, but the workshop was the first of many worthwhile steps," Sterling said.

Guidance counsellor at Peggy Barry Primary, Nathalee Watson, lauded the team for what she called a well-needed intervention.

"The seminar was very relevant to what is happening right now. A lot of children are exposed to acts of violence in their community, and even at home even, if indirectly, like on social media" she said.

"The information they received was practical and relatable, and I have even asked them to ensure they share it with their parents," Watson added.

At the end of the presentations by the CDA, management trainee at Beaches Negril, Sekou Tafari, launched a poster competition titled Peace and Harmony in My Community.

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