Ten children injured in two-vehicle collision

February 18, 2017
Police at the scene of the two-vehicle collision on the Martha Brae to Falmouth main road in Trelawny yesterday morning.

FALMOUTH, Trelawny:

Some 13 persons, including 10 primary and infant school pupils, were injured after two vehicles collided on the Martha Brae to Falmouth main road in Trelawny, known as Martha Brae Lane, around 8 o'clock yesterday morning.

At least three of the injured students attend the Falmouth Infant School, and the principal of the school, Mona Ennis, is saddened by the incident.

"On Tuesday, one of our staff member's father was killed, and now this has caused the school community to be saddened," she said.

She added that all three children remain in hospital.

Another three students attend the Falmouth All-Age School and the feeling was similar there. All three youngsters suffered broken legs, while one had her teeth knocked out during the crash.

The other four children, the drivers of the two cars, and an adult passenger were also seriously injured and remain in hospital.

Reports are that a Toyota Camry motor car, which was travelling towards Falmouth with the children, collided with a Toyota Axio motor car going in the opposite direction. The Axio overturned on impact. The other vehicle was also badly damaged.

One of the drivers was stuck in the vehicle and had to be removed by firefighters, who used power equipment to cut the vehicle open.

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