Senior trampled at bus stop by students

February 21, 2017
Commuters getting ready to board a bus.

A senior citizen will undergo an X-ray today to determine the extent of injuries she received last week, after being trampled by students while trying to board a public bus.

Cynthia Tomlinson, 66, told THE STAR that she saw death before her eyes last Wednesday at the bus park in downtown Kingston, after some unruly students knocked her to the ground.

"I was trying to beat the schoolchildren to come home. Standing on the bus stop, there were not a lot of kids until the park started to get crowded. The bus took a long time to come," she said. "The schoolboys dem start to jump on the bus, riding the bus door, along with those running down the bus. Me and some other big people stand up and the force of all those people tumble we down."

The scars on her hands and elbows are a constant reminder of the trauma.

Tomlinson said, "I couldn't see anything. Pure blackness 'til I see little light, I just start to bawl for Jesus and 'til I get to recover. Then somebody grab mi up and seh 'Mi God, look how unuh do unuh own mother'. I was in severe pain."

She told THE STAR that when she reached her destination, her husband had to tidy her and her son tried to comfort her as the pain was immense.

"I had to go to the doctor. The doctor seh I am badly hurt. I could have died. All the muscle in my stomach tear. If I belch, there is terrible pain that I am into," she said.




Her argument now is that the bus system needs to change.

"The fighting to get into the bus everyday, it cannot work," Tomlinson said.

Reginald Allen, marketing and communications manager at Jamaica Urban Transit Company, told THE STAR that it was the first he heard of any incident where a passenger was trampled by unruly students.

Our news team asked if there was anything planned to educate passengers on how to form a queue, as was the case at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre when pushing and fighting to board buses was a problem.

"I can't say there is a specific plan in terms of outdoor venues but once it is something pronounced, then we will have to look at it," Allen told THE STAR.

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