Leggo di false hair - Rasta women call for females to embrace blackness

February 22, 2017
Empress Rachel
Members of the Women Freedom Liberation League.
Empresses Rachel and Miriam said that the cry for repatriation should not be taken lightly.

Empresses of the Women Freedom Liberation League, a Rastafarian outfit based in Bull Bay, St Andrew, have described as heart-rending and sad the daily reports of violence against women that reach their ears.

"It is so sad to know that I was born in this country and to see what is happening to my black sisters," Empress Miriam told THE STAR.

She said that the acts of violence against women are too many to bear.

"The best thing they can do for us is to look about our repatriation," Miriam said.

"Right now, we just need to go back where we come from. Repatriation is a must," she added.

Another Rastafarian, Empress Rachel, said that disobedience is responsible for much of the crime on the island.

"In the beginning, Moses did give us Exodus 20 and Exodus 30 to change our lives from the evil way that is out there, but people are not using those commandments and those laws anymore. They are walking down the road of destruction," she said.

"To change this thing that is happening, you have to give us repatriation and reparation, and the people have to observe godliness, the laws and the commandments."

The empress said that part of the problem is that many women are caught up with transforming their bodies and have not paid enough attention to spirituality.

"Leggo the false hair, the false nails. They bow to graven images, and the Lord said I am a jealous God. I and I, the Women Freedom Liberation League, we are standing up as a tower stone to change things. We are calling upon our sisters out there to look into themselves and know that they are valuable. They are no trash. They are queens. They are from a royal family. They need to love their black selves and love their natural hair," Empress Rachel said

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