'Miss Lucy' seeks a place to live - hustling woman from May Pen asking for help

February 23, 2017
Hyacinth 'Miss Lucy' Granston as she hustles in May Pen.

For many years, Hyacinth Granston has been hustling up and down the streets of May Pen, selling snacks and juice so she can survive.

The 62-year-old grandmother said she never had a permanent job so she always had to hustle to buy food and pay rent.

Granston said she had to move out of the home she lived in as it had fallen into disrepair.

"It start rotten dung pan me and mi had mi grandchildren with me, but I had to send them back to their mother and find somewhere to rent. I had to beg the man to rent me a place, and he did so reluctantly," she said.


Waiting list


Since then, the elderly woman said sometime last year she applied for a house from Food For The Poor but to date she has not received a response, and each time she visits she is told she has been placed on the waiting list.

Also known as 'Miss Lucy' on the streets, Granston lamented the long waiting period.

"Every time I call all I can hear is that other people are before me, and they can't give a timeline as to when they will reach to me but a rent me a pay now and mi really need a place for myself because all the little money I make I have to use to pay rent, and the little I have left is just for food, a just hand to mouth," she said.

Currently, she lives in Sevens Heights in a one-room house with a toilet and a makeshift kitchen, for which she pays $2,000 monthly.

She sells biscuits, bag juice and water on the streets daily.

"Sometimes it up and sometimes it down but because a me alone me just satisfy. When I can't make two ends meet I ask my daughter and she helps me, but right now my greatest problem a just fi get the house so mi can live comfortable inna mi old age," Granston lamented.

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