Danger ahead! - MP says Junction road unsafe

February 24, 2017
Winston Green

Dr Winston Green, the member of parliament (MP) for South East St Mary, says his people are angry and frustrated by the progressive deterioration of the Junction road.

According to Green, residents have become even more restive since being told that nearly $600 million has been approved to fix a section of the road from Agualta Vale leading to Broadgate.

"It is evident that the road has deteriorated over the months and will only continue to do so if an attempt is not made soon to fix the roadway," Green said.

The MP said residents were told that repairs would have started from last year, but no work has been done. Now, he is calling on Dr Horace Chang, the minister with responsibility for roads, to indicate how soon the major repairs will begin.

"Being the present state it is in, not only has the road been reduced to a single lane in some areas, but is also filled with potholes and isn't safe. In addition to this, when it rains, the soil becomes saturated and causes landslides, which pose as a threat to the safety of lives and properties. Travelling on this road is time-consuming and oftentimes dangerous," the MP said.

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