GREEN CARD UNDER THREAT ... Fake news victim fear losing US permanent residency status

February 25, 2017

Fake news victim fears losing US permanent residency status

A St Andrew man is now fearful that the circulation of fake news about him could cause him to lose his United States' permanent residency card, popularly called a green card.

Kreshna Pessoa has been the subject of threats on social media ever since photos of him began making the rounds. This has been compounded by allegations that he is a rapist and killer.

"I am a green card holder and I am worried that I might lose my green card," Pessoa told THE STAR yesterday.

A green card holder is someone who has been granted authorisation to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis.

Pessoa, who is from Harbour View, St Andrew, said he surrendered to police amid the rumours, and was released without any charges.

Now, Pessoa fears that he may not be able to go back to the United States because of the rumours.

Pessoa said the whole fiasco about him being a rapist and killer started when he messaged a woman who caught his eyes on Facebook. He told THE STAR that the saga began when he sought to court a woman over the Internet.

"I started texting this girl and she asked me for some money. When I failed to deliver the money, we got into an argument," he said.

Pessoa claimed that the woman, in an attempt to get back at him, started circulating a screenshot of his threats to her on Facebook page.


"After that mi start seeing things that I am the killer of people. They have my picture beside bodies and those things."

According to Pessoa, the fake news has tainted his reputation and he now fears to walk outside of his community.

"Everybody in my community knows that I am not capable of those things, but I am scared to go downtown and places like Portmore," Pessoa said.

"I also want to start my own business but this might also affect it."

"I just want Jamaica to know that I haven't done anything wrong, and I am not a criminal."

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