SCQ: Mount Alvernia High snatches victory from Camperdown

March 02, 2017
The Mount Alvernia High School team.

It was a low-scoring, but nail-biting finish between the 46th-ranked Mount Alvernia High School and the seventh-ranked Camperdown High in yesterday's TVJ's Schools' Challenge Quiz.

Mount Alvernia managed to sneak past Camperdown to win the 14th match in Round Two with a score of 12-10.

The girls from the Montego Bay, St James, school, admitted to being nervous before the match because of the TV cameras and their opponents' rank in the competition.

But they told THE STAR that they were hoping for the best.

The team comprised captain Kacey Brown, Alaina Chisholm captain Karishma Bharwani, and Khalee-Anne Harris.

Their coach, Nicholas Hutchinson gave some reassurance before the match. "We've done a lot of work, so once we stick to the game plan, we can win."

On the other hand, the Kingston-based Camperdown was quite confident of a victory. The team comprised captain Tumekie Blackwood, Lorenzo Smith, Tajae Edwards, and Toussaint Hall.

In a pre-match interview, Blackwood told THE STAR, "I feel confident because I know the potential of my team."

However, this high confidence might have caused them to let down their guard, allowing Mount Alvernia to snatch victory.

Rounds one and two closed with a tie of 2-2, and 12-12, respectively. In the buzzer section, Camperdown fell behind after some incorrect answers. Mount Alvernia capitalised and maintained the lead to the end.

Furious at the loss, Camperdown's coach, Shavon Byfield, blamed it on the team's nervousness and lack of preparation.

"We were told that we were going to be in the competition in December, so we did not have enough time to prepare. We will have more time next year," he said.

- S.W.

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