Road to 'Busta's' home to be fixed

March 03, 2017
A little girl walking along the bad road that leads to Blenheim, the birthplace of National Hero, Sir Alexander Bustamante.

Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie says $20 million will be provided to rehabilitate the road leading to the birthplace of National Hero Sir Alexander Bustamante in Blenheim, Hanover.

McKenzie was speaking at the 133rd birthday anniversary celebrations of Jamaica's first prime minister in the community recently.

"I am giving a commitment to the community that when we celebrate Labour Day 2017, this road will reflect what Sir Alexander Bustamante deserves," he said.

McKenzie also informed that restoration work will be done on the community centre, which has fallen into disrepair.

McKenzie said it is important to show respect for the nation's stalwarts, who have paved the way for a modern and fruitful Jamaica.

Born Alexander Clarke in 1884, Sir Alexander, changed his surname to Bustamante. He served as the nation's first prime minister after Jamaica gained its status as an independent nation from Britain in 1962.

He was proclaimed a national hero in 1969. He died in 1977 and is buried at National Heroes Park in Kingston.

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