Jealous girlfriend flashes acid into lover's eyes

March 06, 2017
Jephthah Ford


A Kingston man got a life-altering shock this week when his girlfriend allegedly splashed acid into his eyes.

The man claimed that he was asleep in his bed when he heard his door crash open. It was then when he was confronted by his girlfriend, who, in an act of jealousy, threw acid in both his eyes.

"The burning was terrible and I flashed to the bathroom and spent the next 10 minutes washing out my eyes. I could not see immediately but the doctor put something in my eyes after washing them for about 15 minutes with a special wash," the man said.




"Right now, both my eyes are covered and I am hoping for the best," said the man, who is yet to report the incident to the police.

"This is one of the cruellest things I have ever seen anyone do, and to think I have never hit her in my life,'' the injured man said.

Physician Dr Jephthah Ford told THE STAR that "It appears that the acid was a low grade corrosive substance, for while there was conjunctival [The lining of both eyes] burning and while there was moderate degree of pain, his immediate action in washing his eyes so thoroughly and heavily and the fact that he came for expert treatment right away is what has preserved his sight."




Ford said he is alarmed that someone would go to such an extent to cause injury to another.

"This is a life-changing situation and in today's technologically driven world, it would mean that he would be crippled for life. The damage to his eyes requires repeat review and treatment, but I am cautiously optimistic that if he follows his treatment regime and medications that he will see normally again for there was no evidence of cornea burning in either eye," Ford said.

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