Storm surges rock Portland

March 07, 2017
A look at the condition at Trident hotel in Portland, where water from the nearby sea rose approximately 20 feet.
A look at the roadway in Buff Bay heavily littered with debris.

A storm surge accompanied by high winds and rough seas have compromised the integrity of a section of the roadway in Buff Bay, Portland, along the coast, which is now in danger of collapsing.

The high wind and rough sea conditions resulted in the dumping of water from the nearby sea on to the roadway and beyond, which also left the lawn area of a building housing the Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ) inundated, stranding three employees, along with the flooding of several nearby shops on a nearby plaza.

Vehicular traffic was re-routed along the old police station, via Lynch Park, as the main thoroughfare was inundated and covered with debris.

High tides from the sea, caused by the weather system moving across the Caribbean, also inundated the first floor of the Trident Hotel in eastern Portland.

A worker posted a video of seawater strewn all over the lawn and the first floor of the hotel to Facebook.

A front office agent at the hotel told THE STAR that water from the sea hasn't come into the hotel like this since Hurricane Ivan in September of 2004.

He said: "The good thing about it is we don't have a lot of clients now."




Senior communication manager of the National Works Agency Stephen Shaw said that the agency is aware of the situation facing motorists in Portland. He said that a team will visit the parish today to conduct an assessment on the damage caused by the rough sea conditions, which is threatening to undermine the integrity of the roadway.

Two days of heavy rainfall accompanied by strong winds and rough seas, also left several roadways leading from Bryans Bay to Long Bay in east Portland, inundated and covered with debris.

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