Construction workers strike in Trelawny

March 08, 2017
Omar Williams (third right), a spokesperson for the group of striking construction workers building the Luxury Hotel in Bush Cay, explains the reason for the work stoppage along with outlining what the workers need.

Over 500 workers on the construction site of the Luxury Hotel being constructed in Bush Cay, overlooking the luminous lagoon in Trelawny, walked off the job yesterday in protest against low salaries.

The protesters charge that the $1,650 being paid to labourers and $2,500 to skilled workers is woefully inadequate.

Omar Williams, a spokesperson for the group, said, "We want no less than $2,500 for labourers and no less than $5,000 for tradesman."

He warned that if the demands are not met, the work is going to be shut down.

"Until then, nobody cross this gate. Nobody can work with it," he said. Williams said nowhere in the world could the company be paying just over US$12 per day as that would be an hourly figure.

He wanted the intervention of a union to negotiate better benefits for the workers.

Victor Wright, the north Trelawny MP for the constituency, said he would be meeting with the project manager today.

"I trust that good sense will prevail to the bottom of what is happening to ensure that the workers and also the investors will be satisfied," Wright said.

The construction of the hotel started some years ago but was halted and resumed in January.

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