Education ministry gives GSAT tips

March 09, 2017
File Students from Central Branch All-Age sitting their GSAT exam last year.


As the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information prepares to administer the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), parents are being reminded to ensure that their children are prepared for the examination.

The two-day test will be held on March 16 and 17 at 1,090 centres across the island.

The ministry is advising parents to make sure that students gather all needed material on the night before the examination.

Students should not study on the night before the examination, should be encouraged to go to bed early, and have a healthy breakfast on the morning of the examination.

Arriving about 30 minutes before the test is considered ideal as this will help students to relax and settle down.

The students are advised to read examination questions carefully and ensure they answer all the questions for each test.

They are encouraged to draft a plan before writing an essay or story.

Students should use their time wisely and not seek to hurry because other students sitting next to them have finished.

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