Untold suffering - Young boy forced to endure bone and joint disorder

March 09, 2017
Donwick Satchwell
A dejected Donwick Satchwell.
Donna Satchwell explains her challenges in dealing with her son's bone disorder.
Donna Satchwell
Vincent Satchwell

Since he was one year old, Donwick Satchwell has been suffering from a painful bone and joint disorder that has baffled his parents.

Now the situation is exacerbating beyond their control as his hip and knee have shifted from the original positions, and the pain sometimes renders him immobile.

His parents, Vincent and Donna Satchwell want help from a bone specialist who can explain to them what is happening with their now 14-year-old son.

"It pain me heart fi see that me only child have to go through this. Him alone me have leave," Donna said.

"His sister was killed in 1998 at 17 years old and his brother was killed in 2013," she added.

Donna said so far, doctors at the Kingston Public Hospital have only told her that it is a very rare disorder and they cannot operate on Donwick until after puberty when his growth slows. In the interim, they have prescribed pain tablets.

According to Donwick, all the medication do is make him drowsy in his classes at the Cedar Grove Academy, in St Catherine.

"Sometimes when the pain take me, my friends have to lift me up to go to my classes. They have to buy my lunch for me. It hard sometimes but me just have to try," Donwick shared.

Donna said she first noticed her son's difficulties after he received an immunisation shot in his leg at one-year-old, but several doctor visits revealed nothing abnormal."

"After the immunisation, when him get up off the bed and was coming to me and he was limping and crying. When him bend down to get up, him can't stand up properly. When me carry him to the doctor, them say them no see anything wrong," Donna recalled.

Over the years, Donwick continued experiencing severe discomfort with assurances from doctors that he was all right.

"One doctor at Bustamante Hospital for Children only told me he was suffering from immune deficiency, but when me look it up on the computer me no see any thing like that what Donwick have. "

Things worsened when Donwick started high school, and his knee became noticeably bent out of place, and one hip started protruding more than the other, with the pain intensifying.

With Vincent currently seeking employment as a driver, and Donna only employed part-time as a domestic worker, the family does not have the resources to seek medical care elsewhere.

Anyone wishing to assist the family may contact them at 830-3916

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