Woman warns relatives of deportees

March 09, 2017
Deportees arriving from the UK yesterday.
Daphne gives a warning to families of deportees outside the Mobile Reserve yesterday.

A woman, who said she was speaking from experience, warned the throng of family members who awaited the arrival of deportees, yesterday, that their sons and daughters bank accounts had better be in good standing.

She said this was a life and death matter as some deportees were coming home to great expectations considering what they sent back to Jamaica while living in the United Kingdom.

The elderly woman, who was called Daphne, said some mothers couldn't come to see their children arrive as they took the money their children sent back to Jamaica for safekeeping to care for their younger male lovers.

"Some a dem mother ya you ago hear bout dem later on. Fifty-odd-year-old woman a shop every day, fi wah? A buy tile, tile out young boy house fi him walk pan. Buy big car gi man, dem son money. Some a dem run gone tek out loan," she said.

Daphne told THE STAR that since Buju Banton sang the tune Deportee (Things Change) more illegal immigrants have wised up and started sending stuff home to build a foundation.

According to her, it is not easy for those involved in illegal activities to sacrifice and come home to nothing.

Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Area Four, Devon Watkis, during a press conference yesterday at the Area Four HQ, said, at the moment, he did not want to ascribe deportees to criminal statistics.

He said that each deportee would be monitored depending on the nature of allegations attached to the individual.

Watkis, however, said that deportees have been killed in the past.

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