My house is going to kill me - senior is fearful of falling structure

March 11, 2017
Joslyn McKenzie stands in front of his dwelling. There is great fear the house can collapse at any time.
A dejected Joslyn McKenzie.

An 83-year-old man from St Thomas is seeking the public assistance to renovate the 85-year-old shack he lives in that is on the verge of collapsing.

"One man weh a 84, tell mi say him born come see it," Joslyn McKenzie told THE STAR, authenticating the dwelling's age.

McKenzie, who is originally from the community of Dalvey but has been residing in the hillside community of Logwood in the eastern parish since 1996, told THE STAR that he does odd jobs around the community, But the money he earns is only enough to buy food.

"Mi cut yard, but mi nuh have enough money to fix it," McKenzie said.

When THE STAR visited the community on Wednesday, McKenzie had just finished cutting someone's yard and was on his way to a shop to buy a bulla and bag milk.

"Don't go close to it. It might fall down on you," McKenzie warned members THE STAR news team. "I have two children but I lost contact with them. I think they might live in England."

His fellow community members are concerned that one day the house might collapse on him while he sleeps.

"It is very weak and I think it might fall down on him one night," said Juliet Barrett, a neighbour. "We took picture of it (the house) and sent it to the member of parliament but we don't hear nothing."

She added: "Everyone from the community helps him when they can. Some help with food and in whatever way that they can help."

If anyone wants to make a contribution to McKenzie's cause, they can contact The STAR at 932-6214.

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