Titchfield claims quarter-final spot after beating Manning's

March 11, 2017
Titchfield's team: (from left) Tajay Edwards, Demario Asquitt, Rajae Chambers and Zadane Martin.
The Manning's School team.

The fifth match in round three of this year's Schools' Challenge Quiz (SCQ) was nothing short of excitement as a fighting Manning's School held defending champions Titchfield High against the ropes.

Titchfield, the number two seed team, however, lived to advance and get another chance to defend their crown after, the number 18 seed Mannings failed to correctly answer the final question of the match.

Both teams were on the edge of their seats during the tit-for-tat buzzer section.

With the scores tied at 19 a piece, Manning's incorrect answer had their tally reduced to 17 at the sound of the final bell, giving Titchfield the win.

Brandon Larmond, Manning's captain, told THE STAR that his team never gave up.

He said, "We didn't give up. We fought until the last bell. We knew we had the ability to beat them. We were trying to get back to the semi-finals. The quarter-final is our best finish."

The opening challenge ended five to seven in favour of The Manning's.

Both teams made a good showing of themselves in the speed challenge, however, Titchfield High entered the buzzer section leading by six points - 21 to 15.

Lead changes and ties were the tail of events in the buzzer section, but, on the day the defending champs prevailed.

THE STAR was unable to speak with the Titchfield team, because as soon after the contest they were huddled to a meeting seemingly giving thanks for survival and reflection.

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