Kintyre Wellness Fest a success

March 13, 2017
A child receives an oral check-up.
The Child Development Agency conducting a parenting seminar.

The recently held community intervention activity in Kintyre, St Andrew, dubbed 'Wellness Fest', staged by the University of Technology (UTech), in collaboration with the Social Development Commission (SDC) and other partners, is being hailed as successful.

Director in the Department of Community Services and Development at UTech, Paulton Gordon, said the reaction by residents was more than expected.

"Kintyre was very good! We got quite a buzz from the community. A lot of people came out and received their basic screenings. Before we even started, people were lining up. A lot of people brought out the elderly and were waiting in line to get access to some of the services we often take for granted," he said.




Residents, he said, were particularly excited that the services were being made available virtually at their doorstep.

Several other stakeholder partners, including National Integrity Action, the Citizen Security and Justice Programme and the Papine Development Area Committee gave their full support to the intervention, which was held on March 2.

Residents had access to oral health screening and basic medical checks, including diabetes screening and blood pressure checks. They also had access to information regarding basic civil documents, such as taxpayer registration number, birth registration from the Registrar General's Department, and pension information from the National Insurance Scheme.

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