We want answers ... freak accident victim's family demands explanation

March 13, 2017
The face of grief! Sandra Campbell, mother of the deceased, reflects on her son's life.


The family of a man who was killed in a freak accident on Saturday at the National Chest Hospital is seeking answers.

Uncertainty surrounds the family of the deceased, 29-year-old Omar Walker, a labourer of Bedward Gardens, St Andrew, after he fell through the surface of a pit and was buried in sand.

Yesterday, when THE STAR visited his home, his friends and family were in a sombre mood.

Sandra Campbell, Walker's mother, said her son's death could have been prevented had there been a sign to advise that a pit was below the paved area.


Neck was broken


Campbell told THE STAR, "They (hospital administration) must know there is a pit there. The driver a back up, and him a direct the truck to come back and the surface cave in with him. Him go right down and the truck tilt in the hole, the back of the truck fly and everything in the back of the truck dump on him and his neck was broken."

Campbell said when Walker was pulled from the pit, he was stiff, standing in a running position.

Our news team was told that Walker was to leave Jamaica for England at the end of the month to be with his wife and two children.

"He was a friendly person, a people person who talk to everybody. I taking it hard, but I am trying," Campbell said.

THE STAR was also told that Walker last saw his two children, ages two and three, in January when they came to visit him.

Walker's other relatives are of the view that this tragedy could have happened to anyone.


Similar incident


His sister Regene Smith told THE STAR that "The thing is you couldn't know that is a pit there so because the dirt and grass grow thick on it. Dem say two years ago a similar incident happened, and the pit build over 50 years ago."

THE STAR gathered that the truck entered the hospital at 12:20 p.m. and then tragedy struck soon after.

According to the family, Walker was removed from the rubble minutes after 6 p.m. on Saturday after several attempts by firefighters and residents.

"A two likkle bucket dem have a use fi tek out the sand, then when dem see say that nah work, dem go for two garbage drum," a family friend told our news team.

The Matilda's Corner police continue to investigate the incident.

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