SCQ : Wolmer's on quest to end title drought

March 14, 2017
The Wolmer's Boys team (from left): Xavier Harris, Daniel Campbell, Ajay Yankanay and Hakeem Pinnock.
Clarendon College team (from left): Cadel Green, Ackeem Clarke, Jerimiah Brown and Sujay Thompson.

The Wolmer's Boys' School plans to continue their quest to end their 34-year Schools' Challenge Quiz (SCQ) title drought after they narrowly defeated 23rd seed Clarendon College in the low-scoring seventh match in the third round of the competition.

The match ended at 19 to 12 in favour of Wolmer's, who will advance to the quarter-finals.

The Wolmerians comfortably eased ahead in the speed challenge section of the match, outscoring their opponents by 11 points at 21 to 10. They managed to hold on to the lead even though they played terribly in the buzzer challenge.

"Wolmer's won Schools' Challenge Quiz last in 1983, and it's full time we take home the title," coach Daryl Rowe said.

"The young men were very confident. They are a fairly new team, and their confidence has been building from match to match."

However, the boys from Heroes Circle used the buzzer loosely in the final challenge.

"We played well up to the buzzer section. There are some things that we definitely have to work on, but we have a week to work on that," Rowe said.

Clarendon College, who was riding a crest of waves from the last round after they defeated the number 10 seed Old Harbour High School, attributed their poor performance to a lack of composure.

"Composure is something that we will have to work on, but then when you answer a question and you know that it is correct and you are not rewarded it can throw you off," Clarendon's coach Dei-Rasi Freckleton said.

Freckleton said that he hopes their overall performance in this year's competition will galvanise support from the school community. "The support is now building, and I hope going forward the school will rally behind the team because by no means is it an easy task to do things that are done preparing for a quiz competition," he added.

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