We need a spiritual awakening - Bishop Edwards

March 14, 2017
Bishop Rowan Edwards

Convener of the 100,000 men and Family March Bishop Rowan Edwards says that politicians must accept the reality that it will take a spiritual awakening to stem the surge of crime and violence in Jamaica.

Speaking on Sunday night at a rally staged after a march that saw thousands of Christians and well-wishers from various denominations participating at the Spanish Town Prison Oval, Edwards called on the Government and the Opposition members to load buses with supporters to attend functions like the 10, 000 Men and Family March.

"They (politicians) dressed up people in orange, yellow, and green and loaded them on buses to attend political meetings. They must dress them up and bring them to places like this," he said.

"I pray that God will touch the hearts of these MPs, whether they be PNP or JLP. We must join together and get rid of this monster," he continued.

Edwards questioned why the nation is allowing gangs to take over and kill women and children.

"Stop the gangs!" he demanded. "It should be the people who we vote for governing the country not gangs," he said.

Edwards called 20 children who lost parents to gun violence to join him on stage and offered prayers while handing them gift baskets.

While saying prayers for the inmates at the St Catherine Adult Correctional Centre, Edwards called for the prison to be transformed into a museum and become a tourist attraction that could employ many persons.

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