Workmen scared of old cholera cemetery - Employees at site fearful of diseases

March 14, 2017
Work has already begun at the old cholera cemetery located on West Kings House Road in St Andrew.

A worker at the old cholera cemetery at Waterloo, St Andrew, yesterday made a mad dash for a dust mask after he learnt about the history of the land.

"Mi just get the work and come," the man told THE STAR yesterday as he toiled on lands where victims of an 1860 cholera outbreak are buried.

"Mi hear bout that cemetery, but never know a ya so. Mi haffi know wah kinda air mi a tek inna mi body," the workman said.

Work has commenced on the cemetery, which is near to the Canadian High Commission. The work, thus far, involves the removal of soil to level out an area that was once a mound.


Did his research


Another worker told our news team that he was aware of the history of the property because he did his research.

"A di Government give dem the go ahead to start the work. What I understand from cholera is that it was around whole heap of years ago. It is a bacteria, but it dead already because it nuh have nothing to live off after 100 years. I was afraid, but since I read up on it we have to just protect ourselves. Wear mask and wash our hands," the worker said.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in the Ministry of Health, Dr Winston De La Haye, has said that there is no medical cause for concern regarding the proposed commercial development on lands at the old cholera cemetery in St Andrew.

Some residents, however, remain convinced that the project should not go ahead.

"Dem a dig up and don't even know what dem doing. Dem probably a dig up cholera. This is an old cemetery. The residents around the place a go affected. We didn't bargain for this at all," one resident told THE STAR.

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