Murder sentence pleases victim's widow

March 15, 2017

Dorothy Lee, widow of late Linstead businessman Roy Lee said that she feels satisfied that there is closure to her husband's murder.

This was after Wayne Samuels was sentenced to life imprisonment for Roy Lee's murder last Friday in the Corporate Area Gun Court.

The judge also recommended he serves 25 years before being eligible for parole.

"I am indeed pleased that it has ended and justice served. I still won't be able to see my husband again. I know that God broke that mould when Roy was born, he was a great man," Lee said.


Intensive investigation


Meanwhile, she praised the thorough and intensive investigation that brought Samuels to book.

"The police worked overtime on the case as I was really getting impatient as to the long process, but I know that justice was served. The fact is there are consequences for our actions, and he will be spending a long time in prison," Lee said.

Meanwhile, the Linstead Food Fair that Lee owned, is not operating anymore and persons along the once busy corridor said the closure has put a damper on commerce in the rural St Catherine township.

Lee was murdered on December 7, 2007 after gunmen invaded his business establishment.

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