SCQ : Mount Alvernia too relaxed for Ardenne

March 15, 2017
The Ardenne High team
The Mount Alvernia High School team.

Head coach for five-time TVJ Schools' Challenge Quiz champions Ardenne High School, Danlee Wadsworth, wanted opponents Mount Alvernia High to provide stronger competition in their round-three victory as the institution prepares to go after their sixth hold on the trophy.

Ardenne won the match 35-12 to advance to the quarter-finals.

"Because of the opposition, my team was too relaxed so that could have affected how we played," Wadsworth told THE STAR after the match. "But it was a good performance as expected. A few little errors there with the last question but that's part of the game."

He added: "Our objective is to win the competition, and we are remaining focus and take each match one at a time."

Ardenne last won the title in 2015.




The number 46 seed Mount Alvernia was so elated to have gotten to this stage of the competition that it seems they didn't bother to compete.

According to their coach, Nicholas Hitchins, he hoped their success this year can spur them on to performing better next year.

"We aren't upset. It is a pretty young team. We are hoping to advance to the quarter-finals and beyond next year," coach Nicholas Hutchins said.

He said there is not much of a quiz culture at the school.

"We are basically trying to form a culture so this team is groundbreaking in terms of what we want to achieve for the school," he said. "Based on the performance [this season], I think we are getting more support from the school, and I think it will change the culture in terms of doing well in quiz."

Ardenne will next play the winner of the last match in round three between Calabar High School and Glenmuir High School slated to be broadcast on TVJ this evening.

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