Vehicle stolen from beside courthouse

March 16, 2017
Emancipation Square in Spanish Town

Up to late yesterday evening, police investigators in Spanish Town were searching for culprit/s who stole a Toyota Rav4 sport utility vehicle (SUV) near the Spanish Town Courthouse.

Reports are that a female litigant parked the vehicle, valued at approximately $3 million, under a mango tree about 40 metres from the court building.

This is an area which is used as an informal parking area for several attorneys-at-law and other persons going to the court offices or other areas in Emancipation Square.

It is believed that the woman parked her vehicle in the area yesterday, and went to the nearby courthouse to conduct business.

When she returned to the spot where the SUV was parked, she noticed that it was missing.

The police were contacted and an investigation has since started.

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