I was so naive - Churchman regrets accepting car gift from cancer victim

March 17, 2017

Pastor Kevin Campbell, the pastor at the centre of a car 'gift' debacle, said he regrets not asking a member of his flock to put in writing that she was giving him her car.

"I am hurt and I am saddened. This is somebody that we love. I have no ill-feeling towards her because of what is happening," Campbell said.

Jean Blake, 74, feels her pastor took advantage of her, but Campbell said she suffers from Alzheimer's diseases, which is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behaviour.

He said that up until the last month he has been at Blake's house, as he visits her regularly and that the church takes care of her well-being.




Campbell said, too, that the vehicle which was purchased with the proceeds of sale from Blake's car was done with her knowledge. He also said that he lost the use of the new car about a month after it was purchased as he was swindled out of it.

According to the pastor, Blake is being influenced to make these statements, and that they are intended to "bring down a church or the pastor".

"That is not nice," the pastor said, while arguing that "there was no arrangement" for him to use the sales proceeds from the car to pay for her burial.

"What had happened the night when we went to church, she said the Lord told her she must give me the vehicle as a gift, and then she stood up the following Sunday and she said it to the church."

"The only problem is that when that happened I did not let her write a letter, and that is where I erred. There I was so naive, wasn't thinking all of this would have happened," he said.

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