Munro zaps Charlemont in buzzer section

March 17, 2017
Munro College quiz team (from left): Carlton Collins, Delano Mullings, Kirkland Webb and Jamie Lee Vernon (captain).

Munro College's brilliance in the buzzer challenge of Schools' Challenge quiz this season is still keeping its team afloat as they outclassed rising star Charlemont High School 27-20 to secure the first spot in the semi-finals.

The St Elizabeth-based institution had a narrow lead in the opening challenge, but Charlemont effortlessly evened the score in the speed challenge.

But Munro played exceptionally well with the buzzer to win the match.

"I realised that playing a clean buzzer section is a key to winning the competition. The last two games, we came out of the speed challenge close and managed to pull away," one of Munro's coaches, Nikiesha Walters told THE WEEKEND STAR.

She added: "We live to fight another, day and we are going home now to work on the buzzer section some more."

Charlemont defeated Schools' Challenge Quiz's winningest team, Kingston College, to advance to the quarter-finals for the second time in the school's history, but the team's prowess wasn't enough to take it to next round.

"It's not too bad. The guys did their best, and it's just the luck of the game. Quiz is a cruel game," coach Kirk Douglas said.

Before the match, Douglas said that his team's spirit was very high after defeating Kingston College.

"We were very elated after that game because it's been a long time coming. I wanted to beat Kingston College from they knocked us out by two points in the second round in 2014," Douglas recalled.

Munro awaits the winner of the Campion College-St Jago High School quarter-final to be broadcast tonight.

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