Man caught on camera stealing hospital equipment

March 20, 2017
Andrews Memorial Hospital

A man who was caught on camera stealing a medical equipment valued at more than $1 million from the Andrews Memorial Hospital was remanded when he appeared in court on Friday.

Geovanni Wilson, 26, pleaded guilty to the charge of office breaking. It is said that on March 5, he entered the CT scan office at the hospital and stole the iMac retina monitor valued at US$8,300 (J$1,069,455).

He is also charged with three counts of being in a restricted area at the University of the West Indies (UWI) and soliciting funds. He pleaded guilty to one count.

He told the presiding judge, Judith Pusey, that he was a student at the University of the West Indies on a scholarship, but he had hit hard times after losing his scholarship and was deregistered.


He also claimed his wife is a medical student at UWI and a US citizen. He said she filed a petition for him to migrate, but it was denied. He added that all his money was used up on the application and he became desperate.

These series of unfortunate events, he said, led to him visiting the campus to ask the head of the sports department for an athletic scholarship.

After listening to his seemingly convoluted explanation, Pusey decided to remand him for a social enquiry report to be made. He immediately broke down in tears.

"Please, me a beg you. Let me out. Mi have two daughters," he said.

But then Pusey responded saying, "It's either you are unfortunate, insane, or a ginnal, and I have to find that out, so you can stop the crying."

He was assigned a lawyer and is to return to court on April 21.

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