$260-million cocaine trial postponed until next month

March 24, 2017

The trial of Owen Glaze and Andrew Brown, who were arrested in 2013 after 66 kilograms of cocaine were reportedly found in a marked security vehicle they were travelling in, will continue in the St James Parish Court on April 19.

The two men had their bails extended by presiding parish judge Natalie Hart-Hines on Monday, March 20, following testimony from a police witness in the ongoing trial.

During Monday's proceedings, Inspector of Police Camille Tracy testified that on the night of April 20, 2013, she took part in a police operation along the Mount Carey main road in St James, where Glaze and Brown, along with the vehicle in which they were said to have been travelling, were seen.

Tracy further testified that a number of bags in the back of the vehicle were opened and found to contain a white powdery substance resembling cocaine, which was valued at $264 million.

A total of seven witnesses are expected to give evidence for the prosecution.

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