Teacher flees as cops hunt him at school ... accused of fondling student

March 24, 2017

It was a classic case of hide and seek yesterday at a prominent Corporate Area high school when a male teacher who was being sought for a sexual offence allegedly committed against a student, eluded police personnel.

Information is that on Wednesday morning, the teacher allegedly grabbed the fifth form student and kissed her on the neck.

He then allegedly proceeded to push his hand up under her uniform.

The child's guardian told our news team that upon her arrival at the institution yesterday, the teacher was spotted gathering his belongings but soon after could not be found.

However, persons told THE WEEKEND STAR the teacher left the compound in a silver motor car as the police arrived.

THE WEEKEND STAR was told the alleged victim, who is 16, went home crying and recounted what transpired to her parents.




"She was instructed to go with the teacher and while they were up there he sat on the desk with his legs open and asked for a hug. She is friendly, so she hugged him then he grabbed her and pulled her back between his legs and tried to kiss her face and neck. She ran leaving her bag and went straight to her supervisor," the child's guardian said.

Our news team was told that a report was then made to the principal. However, according to the guardian, they were not notified by the school until later that day after the child reached home.

The guardian was adamant the teacher should be held responsible for his actions.

"We don't want a cover-up situation because the children are to be protected, not the reputation of the school," she said.

The principal said the school has the report.

"The written statements have been forwarded as we speak to the Office of the Children's Registry, to the chairman of the board, and to the ministry of education," she said.

When asked if the teacher will be removed, the principal said, "The board will have to act on that and I suspect a decision will be made later today."

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