Magnus signing off : 'I hear his voice even in my deep sleep'

March 27, 2017
Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams from Longville Park, Clarendon, got hooked on Alan Magnus' voice as a child.

Magnus was a constant voice in her house as her mother could not do without listening him on the radio in the mornings.

Now with a family of her own, Williams has maintained the relationship with Magnus and has even received a few 'wake-up calls' from Magnus.

"Boy, at times he was my alarm, because even in my deep sleep his voice would penetrate my subconscious and I would know it is time to get up," Williams said in-between laughter.

Among his show's favourites that she has enjoyed over the years are 'Oldies But Goodies', 'Make Me Laugh' and the 'Wake-Up Call'.

"There is never a dull moment with him and even when Dorraine (Samuels) left, he was like two persons by himself until he got another co-host [Paula Ann Porter-Jones].




For Williams, though, what she enjoys most about Magnus is the way he exuded energy.

"He came on so early and you got the feeling he was up all along, he never sounded drained; so full of energy, so full of life! I am really gonna miss him!"

Williams said Magnus was like sunlight for a lot as no matter how much of a bad day you were having, his voice and humour had those bad vibes melting away.

And just when Magnus was growing on her teenaged daughter also, he is preparing to sign off from radio.

"She was like, 'Mommy, I thought he would be staying a little longer.' ... and there I was, thinking I would bring up another generation on Alan Magnus," she said good-humouredly.

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