'I'm going to miss him' - Parry Town resident grew up listening to Alan Magnus

March 29, 2017
Yvette Foreman
Alan Magnus

"I am going to miss him, very much." That was the response from Yvette Foreman, when asked how she felt about Alan Magnus' impending retirement from Radio Jamaica's early-morning show after more than 40 years on the job.

Foreman, who lives in Parry Town, Ocho Rios, said she grew up listening to Magnus.

"He has always been very entertaining and I really love listening to him," Foreman said.

She recalled seeing Magnus for the first time when he and Marie Garth visited her school, Ocho Rios Secondary, during a Colgate promotional event. Foreman and several other students received gift packages of Colgate products and that made her listen to the 'Good Morning Man Show' even more.

Now a grandmother, Foreman still listens to Magnus in the mornings.

"As soon as I wake up, whatever time, I turn on the radio to listen to him."

Foreman recalled Magnus working with Marie Garth, Dorraine Samuels and now Paula-Anne Porter-Jones. Some of her favourite features over the years include 'Calypso Corner' and the horoscopes.

"Another thing is I love the music he plays. I'm gonna miss him, very much. Right now, I'm planning to go Ochi on Wednesday when he's down there," Foreman told THE STAR.

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