Living in Shambles : One bathroom can't work fi everybody

March 29, 2017
Marlon Wilson speaks about the poor living conditions the residents have to face daily.
Rudolph Brown/ Photographer The shower area where the pipes have been pulled out.


A tenement yard located in Allman Town, Central Kingston is among poorly-constructed structures that need immediate attention mainly as it relates to bathroom facilities that at the moment cause flare-ups.

When THE STAR visited the location at 8 National Heroes Circle Road, some of the residents shied away from speaking on the record.

However, 35-year-old Marlon Wilson who told our news team that he was born at the premises, spoke of the changes he would like to see.

He said, "We woulda want fi see the place fix up man. Lick down some a dem board house ya and make sure say everything run right. From we a likkle bit a boy we a struggle and we nuh come see no big house or dem ting deh and we a try fi mek we family better enuh."

Wilson told THE STAR the space needs properly constructed bathrooms to adequately serve the needs of the more than 20 residents living at the location and others who live at premises without proper amenities.

"We have a bathroom weh government did build give we. We want more bathroom fi the children dem use. Regular she (his spouse) and people ina argument, dem ketch up ova the bathroom, is like we nah nuh talk, done know we born ina poverty, poor people," Wilson said.


Built by politicians


THE STAR was told that because the bathroom was built by politicians, people from all over the community enter at will and use the facility indiscriminately.

Wilson said, "We weh live ina the yard na go mash it up cause we have our family and youth weh use it. We would a more clean it and take care of it," he said, noting they put locks on the door. "Dem pop off the pipe dem cause if dem come in and we tell dem dem can't use it a man just pop it off cause dem feel like dem bad. A jus so the ting run."

The residents told THE STAR they knew a new parliament building will be constructed and they welcomed the idea on one condition.

Wilson said, "We want some concrete structure and mek the place develop and have a different look. If the parliament build ya so we nuh want the place look like how it look now. We nah no play area or community centre fi the kids. The kids afi ina the street a play. Dem run go cross the park but the park soon develop so you know that ago cut out soon," he said.

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