Munro dethrones Titchfield

March 29, 2017
The Munro College team lifts the Schools' Challenge Quiz trophy after defeating Titchfield High.
The Titchfield High School team

Munro College dethroned defending quiz champions Titchfield High School in a match for the ages at the finals of the Schools' Challenge Quiz competition last night at the TVJ's Lyndhurst Road studio.

Chairs were kicked over in jubilation on the winner's side, while tears flowed for the opposing team.

The number eight seed Munro College defeated the number two seed Titchfield High in a match that ended 27 to 24.

In a very competitive yet low scoring encounter, the school on the hill Munro regained a hold on the crown after 14 years (2003).

They have now held the coveted trophy six times.

As they have shown throughout this season the boys from Malvern, St Elizabeth, held their composure and took charge when it mattered most.

The 2016 champions Titchfield should also be commended for a stunning display of leading from the start. At the end of the opening challenge Titchfield were at six points to Munro's three.

The speed challenge saw a brilliant display from both teams with Titchfield still in control at 20 points to Munro's 15.

The match was realistically won on the final seconds of the exciting buzzer section after Munro pulled ahead to 27 points.

Titchfield who at that point were at 26 points fell to 24 after incorrectly answering the final question at the sound of the bell.

"Honestly, I believe my team played two good sections. We were leading in the first and second section. In terms of the buzzer section, we made some good buzzes, but there were questions there that we hesitated and Munro got them and maximised. At the end of the day I am still proud of my team," Zidane Martin, captain of Titchfield, told THE STAR

First time quiz champion coach, Munro's Kayodi Drake told THE STAR that "Everybody counted us out from the first round. The boys stood up tonight and showed the entire Jamaica that they are absolute champions. It's a very good victory. They came from behind, held their heads high, stood their ground and played an excellent buzzer section."

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