Signal restored - Cell-phone jammers no longer affecting residents

March 29, 2017
The Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in downtown Kingston.


Residents in the community of Rae Town in eastern Kingston where the Tower Streets Adult Correctional Facility (GP) is located said the interruptions to their cell phone signals have been reduced since the Ministry of National Security restored and optimised two cell phone jammers at the facility.

"First time mi couldn't stand up here and get signal, and see it deh, mi signal full," Michele White said, pointing to her phone.

In a press release, the ministry said that a special task force it established has restored and optimised two cell phone jammers to block incoming and outgoing calls from the facility.

State minister in the Ministry of National Security said that audits will be conducted by the ministry's technology task force in all institutions under phase two of an electronic monitoring programme.

When the jammers were initially installed, residents in the community would have to walk to the east end of the community to get signal on their phones.

"We used to have to go round so fi get signal," resident Kimeka Rainford recalled. "All when you a walk past GP, you couldn't get no signal at all."

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