No more water lock-offs

March 30, 2017

The periodic lock-off of water supply in sections of the Corporate Area during the dry seasons could be eliminated.

This is according to Dr Horace Chang, the de facto water minister.

"I think we can make the [KMA region] genuinely drought-resilient within the next three years and bring it a reliable quality supply. It is a required part of the foundation to build the economy and to restore Kingston," he said.

The Government is currently implementing a $42.5-million Kingston and St Andrew Non-Revenue Water Co-Management Project which is aimed at reducing the extent to which water is lost either through leakage or stealing.

"Non-revenue water might not be something we can eliminate, but if we can get it from 60 per cent to 30 per cent, that is an additional 30 million gallons of water at the same cost of production," he said.

Several infrastructure projects are under way through the initiative, including the replacement of two water-transmission pipelines between Ferry and Six Miles in St Andrew, which supply water to several communities in St Catherine and the Corporate Area.

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