Praedial larcenists preying on St Mary farmers

March 30, 2017
A goat stand on branches in an Ibiscus tree while eating the leaves.

Recently, the crooks went on a rampage, stealing chickens and three goats from one farmer, before robbing another farmer of one goat and a gas pump.

Clifford Campbell, a goat farmer from the community, suffered at the hands of the criminals in January.

"They stole seven of my goats. I had eight, but one escaped from the thieves and came back, but he was eaten by dogs," he said.

"It rough to know that I started out with only, one and now they gone with all of them. Honestly, I don't intend to rear any more goats unless somebody give me one," a frustrated Campbell said.

The St Mary police say that the plight of farmers is something they are quite familiar with.

"It's a farming district, and one of the things that gets reported the most is praedial larceny. From cattle, goats, chickens, it's an ongoing thing," one constable at the Gayle Police Station said.

"Every week or every two week we have persons coming in to report that their property had been stolen," he added.

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