Living In Shambles: Take down the zinc fences

March 31, 2017
Gwendolyn Brown unlocks her gate, one of the many zinc fence structures in the community.
Gwendolyn Brown is fearful even a small fire would destrory her house which is completely made of board.

A senior who resides in Rose Town, Kingston, for over 40 years is hopeful that the authorities will sooner, rather than later, remove the zinc fences in the community and foster a different lease on life.

Having relocated from St Ann in 1975, 67-year-old Gwendolyn Brown told our news team that she believes the zinc fences are a setback for many.

Brown told THE WEEKEND STAR, "Mi would a like dem zinc fence ya tek down inna Rose Town, cause it make the place look a way to me. If we get concrete structure, a woulda better livity."

She, along with her family, reside at the corner of Harry Street and Browns Lane in a board structure.

However, although she acknowledged the dwelling and roof over her head are in need of repair, she told THE WEEKEND STAR that the community needs upliftment.

Brown said, "Right now, I would a glad for the help cause right around the house a pure board. But me woulda like the fence dem tek down, too."

A home just metres from where Brown lives was ravished by fire recently, and she told our news team that she hopes and prays she never has to face such disaster.

She said, "Fire, no, no; never faced fire. Where I live is board all around."




Brown showed the news team around the dwelling, and it was evident some of the plyboards on the house were just a shell, providing nothing to withstand a serious disaster.

Brown also told our news team that whenever it rains, the water blows inside her home.

"We hope we get some help enuh; and we have tradesmen in case is only material we can get," she said.

Browns and her family have a concrete bathroom, unlike many other residents in the community.

When asked by THE WEEKEND STAR if she had shared her concerns with her political representatives, she said they are nowhere to be found.

"Right now, me can't show you none special enuh. Dem nuh come here. Is Omar Davies is the MP. The councillor is Pastor Wright. But from the year start, I don't see him. No help we don't have around here. A we do everything we self, or we get a workman and give him a ting," Brown said.

She pointed our news team to several other residents whose living conditions were similar to hers and, in some cases, some who were far worse.

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