Champs caan miss me

April 01, 2017
Denton Rose
Denton Rose (second left) and friends

Ever since Denton Rose first experienced Champs in 1974, his love for the annual high school athletics meet has grown exponentially.

He was an ever-present at the inter-secondary school championships up until the mid-1980s and although migrating to the United States in 1987 caused him to miss out on the champs experience, the Kingston College old boy got reacquainted with champs in 2009 and hasn't missed the event since.

"The atmosphere is always charged with excitement, particularly the rivalries and supporters cheering for their teams is something to behold. Watching it on TV does not give you the same excitement. The sight, the smell, the sounds, that's what makes it particularly exciting to be there," Rose said.

Although he thoroughly enjoys every moment he spends at Champs, one particular moment is forever etched in his mind.

"The moment that I really like is one year when we won by one point or the half of point. To have them pull it off was particularly gratifying and the jubilation that followed."




Despite not being athletically gifted, he has developed a great appreciation for athletics by watching his brother compete at various athletic events over the years.

Having consumed a plethora of action at Champs, Rose believes that an upgrade is desperately needed to the infrastructure the young athletes use in order for them to adequately develop their athletic abilities.

"We need to improve the stadium or get a new one to give the kids better infrastructure to display their talents at champs," he said.

However, he believes that the upcoming athletes must be sheltered from hefty workloads during the rigorous week of competition.

"I think there should be more protection for the kids, some of them are doing too many events so I agree with the new changes," Rose stressed .

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